WTF is Kura!?

Good question. Took me over a year to find out, but now I can tell you. Obviously, Kura could be seen as yet another web agency. You couldn't be more wrong, if wrong was a quantifiable notion. Kura is different. No BS, it is really different. How?

We consider web development as an engineering skill.

That means we are problem solvers, not code writers. You struggle to build something? You have no idea how to crawl out of your legacy? Your website is too slow and you're out of ideas? We can help you with that: we'll clarify your needs, audit your system, propose strategies and solutions, and proceed to solving your problems efficiently. We're not afraid of complexity, actually we specialize in solving impossible problems.

We take pride in our craft.

When we do write code, we always use the best tools, the cleanest architecture and patterns, and the strictest industry standards. We build code that stands the test of time, decoupled from external dependencies. It's actually very rare in our industry.

We don't use unethical techniques to make more profit out of you.

We don't overcharge maintenance, we don't tie you up with our own libraries, we just deliver the best solution for you, and hope that you'll be satisfied and work with us again in the future.

We're genuinely concerned with where the world is going, with climate change and stuff.

We can't do business with you if you're making profit off destroying the world. Aren't we all? Sure, to some extent, but some more than others. We also take environmental footprint into account in our daily work: minimizing server usage, optimizing code to do more with less resources, reducing tracking to just what we need, etc. We'd never sell you any self-hosted kubernetes or blockchain madness.

In short, we believe in our skills and values, and won't compromise them for business.

Our modus operandi (no, it's not the modulo operand)

We have a work policy that puts results above all else:

  • We prefer asynchronous work and one-to-one communication in most cases. It saves a lot of time for everyone.
  • All meetings are refused unless proven to be the best way to go forth with an issue. In most cases, it isn't.
  • We don't like e-mails. Huh uh. No. It's probably the worst way of communicating, apart from RFC 1149. Obviously we do read them everyday, but don't expect a quick reply, and don't drag us into multi-recipient reply-all hell. Any of the thousands of messaging systems out there is fine except Teams.
  • Remote work is the rule. It is the most productive way of work, and there really is no point in our industry to be physically present anywhere to do our job. That being said, if you do want to meet in person occasionally, it can be arranged if you're willing to pay for it.
  • We have no working hours or days. People at Kura can work whenever they feel works best for them. Nights, weekends, rainy days, we don't care, as long as the hours are done and the commitments fulfilled.

Seldom Asked Questions

What does Kura mean?
Kura is a Japanese word that means dark. Basically, when you're in the dark, scared, and you don't know how to bring your project back to the light, just call us. Well dive into the darkness and pull it back to life for you. Ok, I'm making this up as I go. Actually it was initially a Star Wars reference to the dark side of the force, because we need darkness to shine through.
Your daily rate seems high, doesn't it?
Well, it would be really badly priced if you didn't find it a bit high at first. Our work is valuable, there aren't a lot of people out there who can deliver the quality that we do. Also, you do realize that daily rates are a joke, right? You will only know what it's worth when you know what we can deliver in a day. With devs out there charging half the price to deliver 20% the output, you'll realize that Kura is actually very good value for the money. And if we really are too expensive for you, we are ready to charge you twice the days at half price.
Aren't you just one dude? What happens if you die?
Uh, I cease to exist, I guess. What happens if YOU die? Anyway, I'm kind of alone for now but I have a good network of talented developers and more, who can pitch in whenever I need them on the job. Some of them might even become permanent! So I can definitely take work for several people, don't worry, I'll handle it.